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August 11th, 2011

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April 22nd, 2011
black asshole stuffed with white meatblack cutie fucked from behind "Don't worry I'll help you change it," Don said, "open the trunk and let's get out the jack and the spare." Colleen opened the trunk and Don swore, "SHIT, sorry, but your spare is flat. Why don't I drive you back to your hotel and in the morning you can call Avis and have them send someone out to fix the car and bring it to you." "Thanks, Don but I don't want to put you to any trouble." "No trouble, I don't have to go into work until tomorrow afternoon." Don escorted Colleen to his car and held the door for her. As they drove east along Atlantic Beach Boulevard they were silent, each lost in their own thoughts. Don considered how lucky he was to spend more time with this beautiful woman and Colleen was thinking how lucky it was she'd run into an attractive guy who was also gentlemen enough to go out of his way to drive a stranger back to her motel. As the reached to top of the bridge over I-95 Colleen noticed the full moon just above the horizon. "Do you like Irish whiskey, Don?" "If it's good, yes why do you ask?" "It's good, Tullimore Dew, I was just wondering if you'd like to come back to my room with me and have a drink. It's the least I can do for putting you to all the trouble of driving me back to my motel, I know its out of your way." Don stopped for the red light and said, "sure, Tully's is very good. Nice moon out tonight, does your room face the ocean?" "Yes, it ought to look fantastic out the sliding glass doors, they open right onto the beach. If you'd like we could go for a swim after our drink. I bought a swimsuit for my brother, you could borrow it if you don't have one with you." "That's a very attractive offer, Colleen, I guess I could. I'm surprised you brought a swimsuit with you with your sensitive complexion." "I didn't bring one, I won one at diner the first day here. Jim took us to a bar restaurant that had a lingerie fashion show during happy hour and one of the outfits was a swimsuit. It was the only outfit I'd try for and I won it, the only one in our group and there were six of us."

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December 20th, 2009
anal sex first time "Well I give blood about every three months, it seems my period always seems to start when I'm eligible to give blood again and I have to wait a couple of weeks. How about you, do you give blood often?" "Oh yes, every eight to ten weeks. I'm type O-negative so they're always after me, with the tourists and everything they always seem to need more blood." After dinner they order the raspberry tort for dessert and Colleen ordered herself another Double Diamond, Don refused a fourth. As they finished their desert Colleen glanced at her watch; almost ten o'clock. "I'd better get going while I can still drive," she exclaimed. She finished her drink and signaled Rita for the check. Don said, "I didn't realize it was so late, I'll walk you to your car. Thank you very much for dinner." They walked out of the Blue Boar together, Colleen put the blank receipt into her purse, Rita had been more than happy to give her a blank receipt after seeing that Colleen had left her a twenty-five percent tip. As they reached her car Colleen saw that something was wrong. It took her several seconds to realize that she had a flat tire. "Oh great, just what I needed to ruin what was turning out to be a nice evening."

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April 10th, 2009
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Rita brought their dinner and Colleen ordered two more pints. After a few minutes Rita brought them their drinks and took away two empties, Don still had about half a pint left from his second ale. Don told Colleen about his work at IBM while they ate. During dinner Colleen noticed a mark inside Don's left elbow, where the vain was. She asked, "do you use drugs Don or is that from giving blood today?" Don looked at his arm, "oh that's from giving blood yesterday morning, the nurse didn't do a real good job; normally it's gone by the next day. You're very observant, most people wouldn't have noticed."

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November 19th, 2008
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Don gazed at Colleen's alabaster skin and gorgeous red hair as they sipped their drinks. Colleen's hair was a brilliant coppery red. It came down to a couple of inches below her nicely shaped breasts that were shown off to advantage by her U neck top. The top was a brilliant kelly green and showed her hair off well. She was obviously wearing a half bra designed to push her breasts up and make them appear fuller than they actually were and Don guessed her breasts were about a B-cup. Colleen was aware of Don's observations but was careful to not let him notice her observing his speculations.

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November 10th, 2008
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"Is this seat taken," she asked? "No, please sit, I'm Don Crawford," he answered. "Thank you, Colleen Kennedy," she replied, as she sat down. "Is that Double Diamond," she inquired? "Yes it is, I don't think I've seen you in here before, do you come in often?" "No, this is only the second time. I'm in town on business and thanks to a bitch of a secretary I'm stuck here until Sunday. My colleagues left this afternoon for Vancouver and all the flights are booked until Sunday." Colleen caught Rita's attention as the waitress served another table. "Two pints of Double Diamond please," Colleen requested of the barmaid, "you don't mind if I buy you a drink do you?" "No, I appreciate the offer, so what happened if you don't mind my asking," Don inquired, "I can't believe that all the flights to Vancouver are booked there must be at least four or five flights a day."

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October 29th, 2008
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Thursday evening on his way home after working late Don decided to stop in at the Blue Boar for a pint. He turned into the parking lot and began searching for an open space in the small crowded lot; he found one at the far end of the aisle. As he walked into the pub he saw why the parking lot was so full; there were no empty tables in the main room and there were no empty sits at the bar. Don walked to the bar and caught Rita's eye; as she came over to take his order a couple came out of the back room. Don glanced in and saw that the small table in the back corner was unoccupied. "I'll have a pint of Double Diamond Rita," he said, "can you bring to the back table?" "Sure, Don, it'll be just a few minutes," she replied. Don sat at the two person table and gazed out at the packed bar. As Rita served him his ale Don noticed the most beautiful head of coppery red hair he'd ever seen. He stared at the back of the woman's head until she turned around. She was very pretty in her late twenties or early thirties Don guessed. She noticed him or perhaps the empty seat and came over to his table; she stood about 5' 8" tall and weighed around 130 pounds, very nicely built. She was wearing a U necked top that revealed just the right amount of cleavage, her skirt ended just above the knee and her legs were slim and attractive.

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September 22nd, 2008

Jan opens her mouth just slightly, allowing his tongue to touch hers. he made it
in her mouth, sliding his tongue in and around her tongue. While kissing her,
Brad took Jan’s arms, putting them over her head, slowly letting his hands slide
down her arms, making their way to her shoulders, to her tits. Where he
squeezed them firmly, this was turning Jan on. Then Brad lowered his mouth to
her nipples, feeling them crinkle as his tongue touched them. sucking as much
of her wanting titties, as he could, Jan then took her hands down and started
to feel his hair, running her fingers through his hair, pulling it gently, he
sucks them harder, one to the other he went. Nibbling on them, made Jan get
wet. Brad goes up to her neck, biting her vein, she returns them same to him.
She knows if he did it he must like it too. after a few minutes or so Jan
reaches down and gives Brad’s ass a firm squeeze, pressing him close to her hot

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September 9th, 2008
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They go to the kitchen and Veronica checks the fridge to see what's in there and can offer Greg " she says we got apples and oranges" Greg replies sounds real refreshing. No one seems to be noticing the heat anymore. Wonder why? Jan and Brad were still in the sunken living room, Veronica and Greg were still in the kitchen, where it was quite. Jan wanted more pillows, since the other two were gone. Bra got up and got more pillows, making sure to lay them neatly on the floor. He went over and took Jan by her hands and pulled her up to him. then led her over to them, where she laid down upon them. Brad got down on s knees, leaning over and kissed Jan softly on her full lips.

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August 28th, 2008

Veronica and Greg turn back to each other they roll over and kiss and embrace
each other closely. The candles started burning out so Veronica e asked Greg if
he would mind if she got up to put more candles in. She says it’s just so
romantic with them burning. Jan and Greg didn;t seem to notice the candles nor
anything else at that point, they were getting into themselves too much so.
Veronica and Greg got some more candles and lit them they figured it would
be best to leave them alone to have have some privacy, so they went into the
kitchen with a single candle for themselves. As they left Jan’s sunken living
room they could see Brad getting down on Jan’s full breast it turned them on to
catch a glimpse of their foreplay and Greg started to wonder when he should make
his move on his fantasy girl. Veronica is also wondering if she should be the
aggressor or if Greg is ever gonna get his nerve up and to start something.

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August 2nd, 2008

Brad and Jan were both on the floor and feeling each others bodies. Jan grabs
more pillows over to them and they both lay back on them and start kissing and
entangling their bodies as the candle flames dance off the walls you can see
there shadows an the wall. Veronica and Greg stare into each others eyes then
he puts both of his hands on each side of her head and kisses her passionately.
Veronica response to his kissing and puts her arms around his neck. In the
candle light Greg’s eyes glare at Veronica he says dam I’ve been wanting to
meet you for so long and look at us now this is what I’ve fantasized about
for months. Greg and Veronica notice that Brad has already removed Jan’s tank
top and his shirt. As they watch them, Brad thinks he’s cute as he pours
a little lemonade on Jan’s full chest with them pressed together making a well,
Brad goes down and sips it “that’s very refreshing he says” and pours a little
more, Jan wasn’t ready as the lemonade runs off the sides of her body.

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July 9th, 2008

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We started talking about BBSing. Greg and Brad were talking about some
conversation, that he had on the MSS board. Then Veronica and I brought up the
car ride over here. the guys told us it was a first for them, and then we all
laughed. they said that they couldn’t believe they allowed us to do that
(blindfold). Jan said in honesty, did either one of you peek? they gave us a
shit-eaten grin, said no we were being good sports about it. Not that either Me
or Veronica cared at this point. Greg couldn’t help himself any longer and
leans over and kisses Veronica softly on the lips. he thinks she’s sexy, he
want to do more, but doesn’t want to make her scared. over in the other corner,
was Jan and Brad, sitting and touching each other’s bodies. not wasting any

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July 3rd, 2008

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we turned around, and found the guys had just took off their blindfolds. I
said “sit down and make yourself at home.” Veronica said “would anybody like
anything to drink?, yelling from the dark kitchen, all we have is some
lemon-ade. everyone said sure. she came in with a tray of drinks, sat it on the
coffee table. when she sat it down i notice Greg was checking out her nice firm
ass. i was sitting on the floor next to Brad. Veronica got the pillows, gave
me a few of them. she sat down next to Greg getting close to his steamy body.

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June 19th, 2008

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Greg, leaned into the car, saying “so you are Veronica” i like you.. Veronica
and i, looked at each other, and smiled. We had to tell the guys that there
was something that they would have to do, before they got into the car. the
guys said “what” me and Veronica laughed out loud and said “think you can
handle what’s to cum?” they looked at each other, in a puzzled look. they said
“okay, girls what is it” we pulled out bandanas from our tank tops. smiling
from ear to ear, we said, “you guys have to wear these. we want to keep our
secret lives secret.. the guys, went along with that, laughing about it. Ver.
and I took them by their arms. guiding them into the car. we put Greg in the
passenger seat, Brad in the middle. Veronica jump in on Greg lap. I got to
drive. with all of our bodies, so close together the night heat was very
intensified. WE couldn’t believe, they went along with the blindfolds, but if they
wanted to cum over, that was the way it had to be. Me and Veronica chuckled,
out of amusement. We got back to Jan’s apartment. We told the guys they would
only have to leave them on a little while longer, and there’s no peeking. We
lead them through the court yard,(so to confuse them) in one building to
another. made it to our apartment. Jan unlocked and lead them into the darken
livingroom. We hurried and went to relight the candles, all around the room.

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June 8th, 2008

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Brad said that he was sure Greg would meet us over at his house. Veronica and
i got our tight tank tops, short shorts. no bra’s our nipples liked staying
hard. We got into Jan’s new corvette. red, her
favorite color. we drove off into the hot night. The guys didn’t live far
from us, so it didn’t take long to get there. When we arrived, there was a
couple of guys standing around. Veronica yelled “Brad?”, “Greg”. the guys came
up to the car, with grins on their faces. Who, is who? Jan spoke first, hi.
i’m Jan. brad said ” i’m Brad” and your the one that know how to turn me on.